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Advance FAQ Customized User Experience- 1 Click Configuration.

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  • Allows creating n number of topics.
  • Create Questions and write their best answers
  • Format Faq section with best looks n feel
  • Preview created the Q/A list before publishing
  • Show Faq section at key areas of your Online Store

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App Features

Drive Audience to Paying Customers

Faq’s are considered as an integral part of good navigation and the customer journey for most websites. It allows to provide valuable information for your online business and find out why your products and services are and what they want.

  • Create and include high quality content for your website
  • Reduce a lot of stress and fielding a large volume of customers to answer their questions
  • Establish yourself as a trusted experts providing best answers to customer questions.

Improve Your Website traffic with FAQ

Since the FAQ page is also an excellent way to rank in search engines your business needs, our application provides flexibility to show real-life questions and answers at pick locations in the websites.

  • Create n number of the topics of your choice and write its valuable contents.
  • Customize question and answer designs along with providing borders and arrows.
  • Write valuable information with respect to created topics and display on your Online Store.

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