Anywhere Custom Forms

Make multiple custom forms and display on the website.

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  • Create Multiple Custom forms
  • Able to see listing of custom forms
  • Create form related custom fields to collect data
  • Advance form fields creation facility
  • Show created forms anywhere on Online Store

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App Features

Create Multiple Custom forms for Store

Online Store requires to manage huge data irrespective of any users i.e customers or store admins. Anywhere custom form application provides a facility to create an “n” number of user interface forms using which you can collect the data and can manage several activities of the store.

  • Facility to create forms and its relevant required form fields as per form’s motive or subject.
  • Mainly it has been divided into two part i.e form settings and field settings.
  • User verifications and input form fileds are also possible with app like google captcha, upload facility, subscription emails.

Create forms to achieve different purpose

eCommerce store conveys its business information mostly creating custom forms or creating separate information display pages in front of users. Modes of collecting and gathering information can be any i.e contact us form, Sales Enquiry forms, about-us forms, etc and that’s how our app is beneficial to achieve these needs of the business.

  • Create multiple forms on different subjects and purposes.
  • Use created custom forms to display anywhere on the website.
  • Create different form fields and assign them to the customs forms created.