Multi Page Responsive Slider

Display multiple responsive image sliders on a single page

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Monthly Package

  • Display responsive sliders on websites
  • Decide different type and style sliders
  • Provide sequence to the slides to show in front
  • Facility to show horizontal and vertical sliders
  • Decide on the number of the slide to show and provide transition effects

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App Features

Attractive and Responsive Sliders in store front

A Slider is a series of pictures shown in one section of the page which resemble a digital photo album.

  • Sliders come with various designs. Choose the one that best suits your business needs.
  • Create Responsive Sliders that keep users occupied.
  • You can create the customized design for each slider within a multi-slider page.

Flexibility to provide Sequence

An amazing feature that will allow showing the information one after according to your choice and the way you want to show information to your audience.

  • Numbers have nearly the same functionality as the thumbnails and they show the number of slides in the slider.
  • The transition speed is controlled based on the type of content – images or text.

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