One Page Bulk Order

Quick bulk order on a single page for wholesale customers.

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  • Allow users to quickly order products in bulk
  • Allow Out of Stock products to order
  • Select multiple variants of products to order
  • Provide customize layout for the User Interface
  • Set the sequence of the product information

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App Features

Bulk Order selection with multiple variants

Quick solution for especially wholesale customers to allow their customers to make multiple product selection at just one click while making purchases online. Beneficial for the businesses whose target audience are retailers.

  • Shop multiple products quickly from one page adding at one instance of time.
  • Decide and get idea about the total costing of the products according to your budget.
  • Format with setting background colors of titles, buttons, and labels to look-like and match your Online Store theme.

Keep consistent buyer Interaction with Store

Providing the selection of the bulk order will eventually increase promotional opportunities for the other products and customers can easily give a final thought on product purchase due as all the information is available in one place.

  • Reduce last-minute cancellation of the product purchased
  • Can show product information in sequence on the bulk order page.
  • App creates a separate page to avoid any type of confusion and easily accessible.

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