Twitter Feed

Responsive Widget to display Tweets, Follow buttons.

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  • Show twitter feed widget on your online store
  • Facility to share the tweet information
  • Option to show single embedded tweet
  • Option toto review tweets before publishing
  • Settings available to change look n feel of tweet widget

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App Features

Increase Website Traffic with Twitter Feeds

Provide platform where store owners can interact with customers, showcase most recent tweets which allow promoting store products, offers, sales, etc.

  • Notify customers about availability of the new products.
  • Collect feedback from customers on the various products of your websites.
  • Direct user traffic towards your website by notifying them about upcoming sales.

Share Product Information Seamlessly

Spread and share special information related to your products and make aware of your business to other 1000s of customers using the twitter share feature.

  • Multiple options to represent the twitter widget of your own choice.
  • Flexibility to represent your twitter window anywhere on your eCommerce store.
  • Preview your twitter feeds before making it live to show on website.

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