Zestard Gift Wrap

Let your customer choose an option to wrap the gift.

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  • Add gift wrap options on product page
  • Provide gift wrap on shopping cart
  • Write and leave a gift note messages
  • Decide and keep price for gift wrap option
  • Allows to keep gift wrap product image icon

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App Features

Simple way to boost Average Order Value

Zestard has come up in shopify market with very easy and smart application especially for Shopify merchants, to provide their customer number one add-on service.

  • Customers can add and send complimentary products to their Orders.
  • Wrapping a gift product will delight customers to add an extra decorative effect on the purchase.

Attracts last-minute shoppers

Customers love to save time and effort, especially on tasks they often find frustrating. For this reason, gift wrapping has been a popular service offered by retailers for over a hundred years.

  • Our app will allow customers to write notes with wrapping.
  • Greet your special ones with writing short notes.
  • Decide the cost involved in gift wrapping services.

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