Zestard Product Matrix

Show product variants in attractive tabular structure

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  • Show variants in tabular format
  • Allows showing max. combination of three variant options
  • Decide to show variants column/row-wise
  • Customize design layout, label titles, background and field colors
  • Show information on availabity of stocks

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App Features

Quick solution to Order Variant Products

To show the Selling of the products with multiple options on the Online Store easily, we are here with the best solution with a structure that shows variants in the matrix and allows users to buy products by adding numeric quantity counts in the box.

  • Especially useful for wholesalers and B2B (Business To Business) customers.
  • Highly customizable facilities in terms of design layout, labels and positioning of variant options.
  • Preferable for the products having at least one option and one product variant.

Simplified view of Product Variants

Matrix helps to show the multiple combinations of the variant options as per user’s choice and allow customers to provide a fantastic shopping experience with clarity of how much amount will be cost and whether it will fit into their budgets or not.

  • Beneficial for store owners to receive advance orders for the Out of stock products.
  • Show price for individual and bulk products with multiple quantities at one place.
  • Provides information to customers on the availability of the stocks.

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