How to enable this module?

You need to go to the menu from admin “Stores => Configuration => ZESTARD TECHNOLOGIES => Duplicate Category”, In General Section, you can see the option “Yes/No” to enable the module.From here you need to select the option “Yes” to enable the module.

Does this module allow to copy products for category/categories?

Yes, this module allow admin user to copy all products related to the duplicated category/categories.

How can I copy products for duplicated category/categories?

With selecting “Copy Product Relations” to “Yes” and click on a duplicate button it will copy category and products as well for the newly created category.

Does this module allow to copy children category/categories?

Yes, This module allows admin user to duplicate the single category and children category(s) as well.

How can I duplicate children category/categories?

With selecting “Include Subcategories” to “Yes” and click on the duplicate button it will duplicate children category/categories as well for the newly created category.

Does this module duplicate the category image?

Yes, This module will duplicate the category(s) image.

Duplicate categories are not showing on frontend what we do?

You need to check if that category is enabled or not, also you need to check for “Include in Menu” is enabled or not. If not then you need to enable both options.

Does this module support multiple stores categories?

Right now this module is available for default store only, for multi-stores categories our team is working on it and update soon for that.

If I face any problem during extension installation, How can I solve that?

If you are facing any issues during installation of the extension. Drop us an email at and will get back to you.