Do we need a facebook account before we use this extension?

Yes, This extension will work on the facebook page, the extension will create the iframe in the specific page tab

From the Facebook page customer can able to buy the product?

No, the particular customer is redirected to your website and from your website they can able to buy that item.

Can the customer share and comments about the product?

Yes, customers can directly do that from your facebook page.

Facebook page tab will show on the Facebook mobile app?

No, it will not connect with the Facebook mobile app

User can search for any product from the Facebook page?

We have the search bar on that page, so the user can easily find the products.

How to connect our store with a facebook page?

You need to follow our Userguide which explain the steps to setup and connect Magento store with facebook page.

Can admin able to update and hide the banner on the facebook page?

Yes, admin can able to update the banner which showing on the facebook page as well as able to show/hide banner.

Can admin show the specific categories of products on the facebook page?

Yes, from the Magento system configuration admin can select the category which showing products on the homepage.

If we update category or product in the Magento store so it will take time to reflect on the facebook page?

No, it will instantly update the category and products so the customer can able to see latest products and categories.