How to get Facebook App ID and Secret?
1. First Install the extension via Magento connect or uploading all files
from root directory to your server.
2. Logging to your admin account go to Main Menu > System > Configuration > Zestard Extensions > Click on Facebook Store
3. In the Facebook Connection Setting Group first, enable the extension
4. You need to add Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret
5. You get both things from Developer Facebook Page
6. open this link, logged in to your facebook account.
7. After logged in to your account click on button Add a New App

8. Fill the details on the form

9. After Filling the form your app was created just Click on Dashboard at top left side. You get the Facebook App ID and App Secret.
10. Just copy the Facebook App ID and App Secret and paste to the Facebook Connection Settings Fields.

How to Setup Facebook Store ?
1. To Setup the Facebook Store Just logged in to your developer
facebook account and open the App.

2. Click on the Settings on the top left side, On the bottom right side press the Add Platform button.

3. Select Facebook Web Games on the popup

4. Add your site URL in the Facebook Web Games URL and save the settings

5. After again press the Add Platform button and choose Website.

6. Add your website URL in the box save the settings.

7. After again press the Add Platform button and choose the Page Tab.
8. In Secure Page Tab URL add URL like below example
Just add the below text after the domain
And save the settings.

9. Then You need to create a Facebook Page

Go to and log in with your Facebook credentials. Select the type of Page. Here you will be selecting Local Business or Place. Choose the category from the drop-down, give your address details and click the ‘Start’ button.

10. Now your page has been created successfully

11. Now open your root directory and just follow the path app/etc/env.php” open env.php file.

12. Then just find the below code.
‘x-frame-options’ => ‘SAMEORIGIN’

And replace with below code
‘x-frame-options’ => ‘ALLOW-FROM

after replacing the code just save the file.

13. Now logging to your Magento Admin panel  System > Tools > Cache management > Click on Flush Magento Cache button

14. To configure your tab with your page, please do the below changes in the URL and RUN that URL in new browser tab

15. From above URL change the YouAppID to your App ID and change the to your site Domain
16. Kindly run this URL in your address bar.
17. Now your Tab configuration window will open see below screen.
18. Now click the “choose Facebook Pages” from the dropdown and select the page where you want to display the tab.
19. You will be redirected to your Facebook page, there you will be able to see the tab created by you.
20. Click on the tab, to see the products on the facebook tab.