Do I need to create new attribute or will it work for existing attributes too?

Yes, the filter will work for both existing as well as new attributes.

Can I select Root category or Default category?

No, the filter per category will not work with root Category so please never select it in multiselect box.

Will the filter work for “Filterable (with results)” & “Filterable (no results)” ?

Yes, Filter Per Category extension will work for both the options.

Will filter per category extension work for all attributes?

No, The extension will work only with “Product Attributes” like Color, Size, Brand etc and it will not work for custom or category attributes.

How to use the filter for specific category ?

You can select a specific category for particular attributes just follow below steps:

● You need to set either Filterable(with results) or Filterable(no result) option at “Use In Layered Navigation”. 

● Once you set this you will see another option below as “Use for specific categories”.

● Select “Yes” → and you can select the specific category in which you want your attribute to be displayed from the multi-select box.

What if I want that attribute for all the categories?

Yes you can set the attribute for all categories by selecting “No” at “Use for specific categories”. So at the front that attribute is shown for all the categories.

Will the extension affect my existing modules of my store?

No, the extension will not affect any other modules. Still if you face any issue just disable the extension and send us an email at and we will help you out solve the issue.