Is it possible to assign any categories to sample products?

Yes, you can assign any category/subcategory to sample products.

Is samples products are available only for registered users?

No, it is available for both guest and registered users.

Guests or Registered Users can select and add allowed a number of Free Samples to the cart based on the rules/range/limits set in the cart rules via admin.

How can we manage Sample Products?

You can manage Sample Products from admin panel same as the other regular products.

How users can get sample products?

User can get free sample products based on conditions set by admin.

For Example: Get 2 exclusive samples free on the purchase of $500 from the store, Get 5 Shampoo sachet trial packs free on shopping of $1000 during Festive Season; Get any three free samples on minimum purchase of $500, etc.

If I face any problem during extension installation, How can I solve that?

If you are facing any issue during the installation of the extension. Drop us an email at and will get back to you.