1. Free Sample Product Setting: Create a new root category to import/create new sample products or sub-categories under the same.
  2. Go to System –> Configuration –> Sample Product Settings –> Enable Sample Product
  3. Add Sample Root Category Id: Insert root category id of previously created samples.
  4. Create or Assign Sample products (sample products type only) under “Sample Product Category”.
  5. Be ensured to keep this sample product’s visibility: “not visible” to hide it from search, so users should not be able to directly add the items to cart. Make sure to set the price 0 (zero).
  6. FreeSample Cart range: Go to “Catalog –> Sample Product Range, and click on New range and add upper-limit to the cart-amount and number of allowed sample products.
    E.g. If the range or cart total is set to 50 (=$50) for 1 sample product that means the customer can avail 1 sample if the cart total is $50 or greater.

  1. At Frontend, customer can click on the “Sample Products” button from the cart page to go to Samples page.
  2. While selecting the sample products, customers can select only allowed number of samples based on the current cart total they have. E.g. if the cart rules/range is set to 2 samples for $200 that means customers can select up to 2 samples if the cart total is greater than or equal to $200.