Once the extension is installed:

1. Click on Manage Exit Intent Popup → Configuration. Enable the module by selecting “Yes”.

2. Click on Manage Exit Intent Popup → Manage template.
– Click on “Add New Template”to create a new template for popup.
– Click on “Load Default Templates” to load the default templates of the extension.

3. Fill the data as per your requirement for creating new template.
– HTML Content: If you want to add custom image add class “exitintentpopup-bg”.
– Template Type: Select Type of popup you want to create from here.
– HTML Content: Add content/description as per your requirement for this template.
– Css Style: You can add designing to add to your popup from here.
– Click on save button to save the template.

4. If you want to check how the popup will look at the front click on “Preview” option from Actions.

5. This is the Preview of Popup look in the front side according to the content and design added.

6. Goto Main Navigation → Multi Page Exit Intent Popup → Manage Exit Intent Popup → Click on the Add New Exit Intent Popup

7. Set the General Settings of popup:
– Name: Name of the Popup as per your need.
– Type: You can choose the “Type of popup” from here and based on your selection the templates will be loaded.
– Start Date: Choose Start Date at which pop up should be
displayed/enabled/visible on the front side.
– End Date: Choose End Date at which pop up should be
invisible/disabled on the front side.
– Custom Image: If you want a background image to be loaded in the popup, you can set from here.
– Click on Save and Continue.

8. Set the popup configuration based on your needs.
– Template: Based on your selection at Type in General Settings, all the available templates will be loaded and you can choose which template to set.
– Trigger: Select when you want the popup to trigger/show at the front side to customer.
– Number X : Enter the number of seconds when the popup should load after the customer is on that page.
– Animation: You can choose the popup animation from here.
– Position: Choose the page in which you want to load this popup.
– CMS Page : You can choose single/multiple CMS pages in which you want this popup to appear.
– Stores : You can select the store or website in which this popup should be displayed.
– Enable Cookie Lifetime : Select”Yes”if you want to store any client information in the cookie.
– Cookie Lifetime : Enter the seconds before the popup appears again for the same customer.
– Click on Save and Continue

9. HTML content:
– HTML content: This section displays HTML content of the template selected by you. You can modify based on your needs.
– Css Style : Add CSS to the content according to the requirement.
– Click on Save.

10.This is how the popup will display in the front

11. Report Section:
– View(s): The Report section shows how many customers have viewed the popup.
– Click(s): If the popup contains a button or any form, the click(s) represent how many times the customer has clicked from the popup.