How to Configure Multiple Custom Forms Extension?


After installing the extension follow the below-mentioned steps to create custom
forms based on your requirements.

1. Go to Main Navigation → MultipleCustomForms.Click on“AddNewForm” to create custom forms for your store.

2. Fill out the below details based on your requirements.
– Set email id at “Form Email” in which you want to receive emails
whenever the customer submits the form.
– Set the form status as “Active” to display it at front-end.
– The shortcode is created as shown in the screenshot which you need to paste at the CMS Page or block where you want the form to be visible.

3. Form Fields
– Click on “Add field” to add a new field for your custom form, etc. from “Input Type”.
– You can select from fields such as Radio-button, Drop-down, Field,
– From “Sort Order” you can decide the ordering of the fields to appear on the front side.
-Set Yes at “Is Required” field to make that field compulsorily filled up

4. Click on the Save button to save the custom form.
– For Eg: We have created “Sales Inquiry Form” as seen from below screenshot.
-Note the ID from here which you will require to set at the CMS page or block to display at front-end.

5. GoTo Page and place the shortcode provided at the custom form in the Content filed as shown in the below screenshot.

6. Below screenshot represents how the form will look like in the front-end.As per the order setting has done while creating the form fields, it will appear in the same order to the customers. Press Submit & you will receive an email with the filled up data.

7. Below screenshot shows how the data is received in the email.

8. To enable Google Captcha at the front side for your custom form:

– GoTo Stores → Configuration → Multiple Custom Forms → Set Enable to “yes”.
– Generate & enter “Site Key” & “ Secret Key” for Google Captcha.

9. Below is a sample of creating a basic contact form with Google captcha & auto-reply email to sent to the customer.
– Set “Auto-Reply” to yes & in “Auto Reply Message” enter the details you want to send to the customers once they fill out the form.
– Note: In order to make the auto-reply functionality working you need to set one of the field as Email while defining the Form Fields and select “Email” at validation field and check at “Set as email sender” field.
– For Google-captcha set Yes at “Enable Captcha”.

10. Below screenshot shows how the Google Captcha will look like in the front-end.

11. Below screenshot shows how the Contact Form data is received in the email.