Can the product matrix compatible with the swatch layout?

Yes, the extension will work with both Swatches configurable layout and Normal drop-down configurable layout.

Using this extension customer can also place the single order?

This extension provides two tabs :
Single Order – Which works normally as provided in the default system.
Multiple Order – In which customer can place an order with bulk quantity.

When the customer chooses a Multiple Order tab, the extension will hide the original price and quantity field, Why?

Because the customer does not get confused and can get the calculation from the matrix only.

Can the extension mange the stock, price and total column/row from the configuration?

Yes, Extension provides the configuration using it you can easily show hide the stock, price, tier price tooltip and total price column, total quantity column

Can we show default tab as Multiple Order?

Yes, using the extension configuration you can set the default tab, so when page load customer can see default tag as a matrix on the product page.

If the configurable product does not have one or more simple product combination then what matrix will show?

Matrix will show #N/A text on that combination.

Can matrix allow qty more than stock?

No, the matrix will validate the qty with product stock and it will show max qty in the qty input box

Is this extension show the tier price?

Yes, it will show the tier price tooltip below the qty box, so the customer can easily see the tier price on hovering tooltip.

If a product price has decimal value then the matrix will calculate decimal values?

Yes, the matrix will calculate the decimal price values if you have added qty into the qty box.

How to Enable Product Matrix?

First, you need to go in Store > Configuration > Zestard Technology > Product Matrix. Here you can see the dropdown option “Enable Product Matrix” then you just need to select as “Yes” and save the setting.
Then, you just need to open a particular product which has only two variants, you need to open that product and find the dropdown field as “Enable Product Matrix” and select as “Yes” then save the product.
After making two changes you can see the product matrix on that product page.