1. After installing the extension if you visit any product page on front end it will show an
additional text above the add to cart button.

2. On clicking the above text customers should be able to see a pop-up/prompt to register to
receive updates related to a specific product as shown below.

3. The visibility of the text mentioned above depends on the configuration settings.
● Guests will only see the option if Enabled for guests is selected to be yes otherwise they
will see the below text :-
“Please Signup to Subscribe to this product”
● If you want to allow subscription for all products, Enable Subsribtion for all products
should be selected as yes or else you can go to individual product and select want
subscribe block option to be yes.

4. If customer registers for the product successfully, you will be able to see the total number
of subscriptions for a particular product in reports > customer subscriptions as shown below.

5. If you click on a specific product you will be redirected to the product edit page in the admin
and in the product subscriptions tab you will be able to view all the customer details fo the
customer who has subscribed to that product

6. If all the above steps are followed correctly subscribed customers will start receiving emails
whenever there is a change in product price of their subscribed product or if the status of
product changes from out of stock to in stock.

7. Registered customers can unsubscribe from products via the account dashboard.

8. Customer will get emails on the following events:-
● New Subscription
● Price Reduction of a product
● The product comes back in Stock
● Unsubscribe from a product