How do I enable/disable this module?

To enable/disable this module please follow below steps:
System > Configuration > Brand Extension > General

How can we assign particular brand to any product?

A product attribute named “Brand” is created and it contains a list of all brands which you have created. By selecting a brand from there you can assign particular brand to any product.

How to create all brands list page?

To create a page with all brands, please open cms > homepage  (or any other page) and add a block:

{{block type=”brand/brand” name=”brand.brandlist” template=”zestard/brand/brandlist.phtml” }}

Are we able to upload image for brands?

Yes, you can upload image for brands.

Is it possible to display brand list on any cms page?

Brand listing and Brand slider can be displayed on any page as well as static block.

If I face any problem during extension installation, How can I solve that?

If you are facing any issue during the installation of the extension. Drop us an email at and will get back to you.