How this module is useful?

Tax Manager extension for Magento allows admins to apply and manage taxes on products at the state, county & city levels. This extension is most useful when you want to assign different taxes to products based on their shipping location.

What are the features available in this module?

You can have below features with this module:

  • Enable or disable ‘Tax Manager’ from admin with configuration
  • County and state management
  • State, county, and city default tax settings for Product Categories
  • Frontend tax calculation and reflection on each product or category in the cart based on the consumer’s state, county, and city
  • Tax manager configuration setting
  • Admin can manage Global-default Tax for all products from configuration settings for State, County, and City as displayed in the screenshot here
  • Country State Manager: country, state, and county can be managed from the Admin through CMS-> the country states

Will it be useful for different countries and states?

Yes, This module has a configuration for tax management to set tax based on the country and states.

For example, in the United States cigarettes are taxed at both the federal and state levels, in addition to any state and local sales taxes and local cigarette-specific taxes. Most counties and cities do not have their own cigarette tax rates because they are prohibited by state law, but there are major exceptions. More than 600 local jurisdictions nationwide have their own cigarette tax rates or fees, to have it working effectively to reduce smoking rates, especially among youth, and to decrease smoking-caused disease.

On Which places the Tax will show?

The tax which is configured from admin is displayed in cart and checkout page in the front end.

If I face any problem during extension installation, How can I solve that?

If you are facing any issues during the installation of the extension. Drop us an email at and will get back to you.