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How Product Matrix will be displayed in my store?

  • The default Shopify product page view will be replaced by a product matrix, which will display variants in an organized way according to the number of options such that customers can easily compare the price and quantity of different variants.

Can I customize product matrix displayed on my Frontend?

  • Yes, the product matrix is highly customizable in terms of design, language, and positioning of options/variants

What are the main requirements for Product matrix to be displayed in my store?

  • The product should have at least one option and one variant added for that product.

Product matrix is not displayed in store on product page, what should I do?

  • Make sure the app is enabled from general settings. If the product matrix is still not showing, then make sure at least one option is added for that product.

I have enabled "Allow out of stock" from general settings, still the cart is empty when I try to add products more than stock quantity, why is that so?

  • You need to enable “Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock” option from Shopify backend.

How do I change the default designing of product matrix to match with my theme?

  • You can make use of existing design settings in the dashboard/general settings, or you can also add “additional CSS” from general settings.