Installation Instructions

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Wondering! How to Install Advance Faq on Shopify Store?

Take it Easy and follow the easy instructions steps mentioned ahead.

Please look at the next section for further procedure.

Step 1: Shopify Store Listing

To initiate the installation process please hit the Shopify Store Listing URL i.e

Step 2: Add App

Click on the button “Add App” :

It will open the dialog box and enter your Shopify store URL and click “Login”.

Step 3: Install App

Click on the “Install app” button which will start installing procedure.

Step 4 : Approve Charges

Click on the “Approve Charges” button to accept and confirm the recurring charges.

That’s it! You will be landed on the Dashboard of the application.

At this point, it is “Good to Go” for making the Configuration Settings of the application.

Please refer to the Setup Instruction section for making Configuration Settings.